Bringing HOPE and a FUTURE to ZAMBIA'S orphans.



Provide a stable, secure, healing, family-like environment. 

Our mission is to provide a healing community where the children feel loved, secure, and where special care is given to their emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual development. We believe this is best accomplished in individual family homes of 12 children with a house mother and an auntie offering supervision and discipleship. In addition these individual family units are part of a larger village community which acts as an extended family. 

Our school, church and medical clinic are an important part of each child’s development and enables them to maintain contact with the surrounding community.


The Children's Village

The Village currently has eight homes with 12 children in each. Supervision and care is provided by house mothers and aunties. 

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The Church

Breath of Heaven Children’s Ministries is a faith-based organization which has a biblical worldview and philosophy that is foundational to the spiritual growth and development of our children. 

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The Academy 

The importance of a good education cannot be overstated: it holds the key to lifting children out of the endless cycle of poverty, hopelessness, and despair.  As they say in Africa: Knowledge is power!

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Hope Clinic

Breath of Heaven Children’s Ministries has envisioned building a well-equipped medical clinic to serve the orphans in our care, as well as the vulnerable children and impoverished families of Barlastone.  Our hope is to raise and secure adequate funding and finally bring Hope Clinic to fruition!

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Breath of Heaven exists not only to rescue kids from a life of hopelessness and despair but is intentional about ensuring each child has hope and a future. Each child’s progress and development is evaluated and planned along with our village social worker. Transition and reintegration into the community is a process that may include finding a trade or employment or further education. We will have transition homes on the property and in the community where the older children can be helped to become independent.


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