All of our residents from the Children’s Village are enrolled at BOHA, along with many other children from the surrounding community.  As our third year of operation comes to a close in 2017, we are serving a total of 400 students, ranging from pre-school through Grade 11!  Beginning in 2018, our classes will extend to Grade 12.

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From its inception, Breath of Heaven Academy (BOHA) was founded upon the principles of sound faith, academic excellence, and servant-leadership.  Our school mascot is the eagle, which is perfectly fitted to our school moto of “Soaring to new heights!”  A gifted teaching staff, combined with modern facilities which include a computer lab and library, provide our students with an environment designed to foster academic achievement, character development, and 21st-century leadership skills.

Currently, all classes are being held on a single campus, but over the next couple of years, we will be building a separate secondary school campus on another site nearby. 

These additional grounds were purchased at the end of 2016 through donations specifically designated for property expansion.  In addition to the High School, this site will accommodate 6 more children’s homes, an expansive athletic field, and other facilities.  But before we can begin the process of new construction, preliminary steps must be taken to prepare this new site for the development that is envisioned.  For example, we must drill new wells, build a surrounding wall for protection, and run electricity to the property.  We are currently seeking donations to begin these initial preparations of the new campus. 




Our teaching staff is comprised of caring professionals who are passionate about education and devoted to equipping their students for success in an ever-changing world. They understand the critical importance of a good education as it lights the path for future success.

At least half of our teachers are enrolled in a continuing education program called “distance learning.” This unique program allows individuals to pursue an academic degree from an accredited college even while working full-time as teachers.  

In addition to the “distance learning” courses provided by Zambian institutions, we at BOHA provide our teachers with ongoing American-based training and resources.


This enables our staff to improve their knowledge and teaching skills, helping them to become excellent in their craft and able to deliver an outstanding education.

We need your help to be able to pay our teachers a livable wage and also to support their aspirations for continuing their education.  Therefore, please consider sponsoring a teacher’s salary with a regular monthly donation of any amount, OR helping to contribute to their continuing education through a  donation to the education fund we call “Project TEACh.” (Together Educating Africa's Children)