What’s been happening at Breath of Heaven?


As usual there has been a lot happening in and around The Village over the past 18 months. We have added children, continued construction, increased staffing, and expanded our school. To say it has been busy would be an understatement. Here is what has been happening.





With the addition of House #8, our population has increased to 96 children living in eight individual family homes. For the fourteen new children we received this year, it has been a transition from a living situation where lack of food, clothing and safety was the norm. Now they will eat well, have clothing, sleep in their own beds and live in a safe place that will promise them hope and a future. We have brought in a new Sponsor Coordinator, Madison Tyler. Maddie has been to Breath of Heaven many times. Her love for the children is beyond measure. It was evident from her first visit in 2015 that there was a place in her heart for the children living here. 


We now have a full-time, Zambian, Social Worker on staff. Ndauza Mtonga is a college graduate who earned his credentials in Social Work. Ndauza will work with Social Welfare Department and conduct interviews to find children who meet the criteria to live at Breath of Heaven. We are looking forward to Ndauza making this critical part of working with the government much easier.

In June of 2017, the Denny family came to Breath of Heaven as missionaries. Kassie is working daily with the teachers and administration at Breath of Heaven Academy. Noah assists in any and all aspects of daily life at The Village. In addition, their children, Ezra and Evelyn are spending time with the children living at Breath of Heaven.

Katongo continues to play a big part at Breath of Heaven. Since earning a Bible school certificate, he has served as our Youth Pastor and works daily doing many things to help keep village life rolling along. He married recently and his wife  gave birth to the first baby to be associated with Breath of Heaven. Congratulations to Katongo and Yvonne!


We have made an additional land purchase just down the road from our existing property. Plans are to build a high school, transition homes for older children and young adults, as well as, residences and missionary housing.

As of the end of 2017, we have completed the school auditorium/church. The two-story building will serve many purposes. As the name indicated it will be our school auditorium and community church that will host special events such as weddings and conferences.

We recently completed House #8 in The Village. The first of twelve new children have moved in. As in the other houses, a House Mother and Auntie will care for the children.

A small “Tuck Shop” has been built close to our school. This shop is similar to a convenience store you may find in your own neighborhood. It has snacks and similar items for purchase.



During 2017, in addition to our children, there were about 300 students from surrounding communities attending Breath of Heaven Academy. This was the highest attendance yet for our school. 

2017 was also the first year we had 11th graders and a separate high-school area for the older students. We will have our first high school graduation class in December 2018.





We have had a constant flow of visitors making the long trip to Breath of Heaven. Here is a brief snapshot:

Life Mission Church in Escondido, CA  has made three team visits. They did construction, worked on videos and worked with mothers and aunties with respect to personal growth.

Teacher teams came over two times to work with teachers at Breath of Heaven Academy. They specifically did training with our teachers to make them better educators. One team member worked in the school library while another worked with administrative staff.

A team of sixteen came over from Elevation Church in Menifee, CA. Their activities with the children included woodworking, bible study for house mothers and total interaction with the children.

Dr. Traci Blagg came over with a medical team to perform physicals on all the children living at The Village. Dr. Traci has been coming over annually and charting the growth of our children. Her dream is to have a medical clinic on the property.

A small team that came with Sponsor Coordinator Madison Tyler in December, distributed mail from the children’s sponsors, helped the kids write their replies, and enjoyed taking part in the annual Christmas festivities . They even took the whole Village – including children, house mothers, and aunties  -  to a water park for a day-long outing.  The kids LOVED it!

13718503_1124418730949353_3738910060133333647_n copy.jpg

Our dream for 2018. 


As we reflect with thanksgiving on all of the growth and provision of this past year alone, we remain mindful of the great work that lies ahead in order to fully “complete” the Children’s Village.  (Future structures envisioned include 6 more Children’s Homes, a new high school campus, and a modern medical clinic.)  So we forge ahead, by faith, confident that He who is the object of our faith, will continue providing for every facet of this labor of love known as Breath of Heaven Children’s Ministries, because it is truly His work!  

If you would like to help by donating, it would be greatly appreciated. 


Be a part of our dream for 2018.