You Can Sponsor a Child!

Rabson-Milanzi-age-6The importance of child-sponsorship cannot be overstated. In addition to providing for the physical needs of a young life, this type of practical support can alter the trajectory of a child’s future, setting them on a path toward emotional well-being and economic stability in adulthood.

Breath of Heaven Children’s Ministries is dedicated to giving Zambia’s orphaned and vulnerable children HOPE and a FUTURE. Your partnership in this endeavor is much needed and appreciated.

You can help sponsor a child for as little as $50 a month!

Presently, the total monthly cost of clothing, feeding, housing, and providing general medical care for just one child at The Village is approximately $200 USDAny and all sponsorship donations you contribute, from $50 to the full $200, will go directly to defraying these costs.

As a BOH Sponsor, you can choose to be assigned to one specific child, with whom you may correspond, or allow your donations to be allocated towards the care of any child who happens to be in need.

To begin sponsoring an appreciative child TODAY, just press the button which represents the level of monthly support you wish to provide from the selection below.  Thank you for helping to change a life!!!

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Rabson Milanzi Rabson Milanzi Aaron Chayabala (Age-10) Aaron Chayabala (Age-10) David Milanzi (Age 8) Eunice Nachimba (10 Before) Eunice Nachimba (10 After) Hope Makwilo (Age-9) Hope Makwilo (Age-9) James and Carol Twins Carol and James Mbewe Jameson Hanyamuka (10 Before) Markstone Sobongo (Age-8) Max


Before and After: The Change is Visible!


Thank you for your support!

We love you and are grateful for your support!