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Project TEACh is a burgeoning ministry of BOHCM and a collaborative effort of gifted American teachers, who share a love for learning and passion for empowering and equipping their dedicated African counterparts to educate their students more effectively.

The Educational Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa: More than anywhere else in the world, sub-Saharan Africa is facing a severe shortage of teachers. By 2030, these nations will need to create 2.1 million new teaching positions in addition to filling 2.6 million positions, which have been vacated due to attrition.

The Zambian (Educational) Crisis in Particular: Zambia was among the hardest hit by the HIV/AIDs pandemic, with the number of adults believed to be infected rising to more than 20% of the population, in 2001. Though the prevalence rate has been significantly reduced over the past decade, Zambia continues to suffer the ramifications of inordinately high adult-mortality rates. At present, approximately 10% of the population–1.2 million children–are orphans and 46% of the population is below the age of 14. For this nation of orphaned children to achieve Universal Primary Education (UPE), as defined by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Zambia will need to raise up and employ 40,000 additional teachers by 2015!

Project TEACh exists to develop this next generation of highly-qualified teachers by promoting additional funding avenues for teachers as well as expanding access to professional development and training for new and existing teachers. Already, scores of educators have benefited from the practical instruction and educational resources they have received at the annual Teachers’ Conferences that PT has been sponsoring in Lusaka, Zambia, since 2006.

Project TEACh is now expanding to provide:

  • financial support for the teaching staff of Breath of Heaven Academy,
  • textbooks and supplies for schools in need,
  • sponsorships for teacher education, and
  • short and long-term mission opportunities for American teachers.

 These are the faces of the current faculty members of Breath of Heaven Academy (BOHA) located at Breath of Heaven Children’s Village, all of whom could benefit greatly by your sponsorship:




You can help sponsor a BOHA faculty member!


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Your sacrificial, ongoing sponsorship of one or more of these dedicated educators will be applied directly toward the cost of their monthly salaries (approximately $300 USD). We ask that you select upon a sponsorship level of $25, $50, $100, $150 or the full $300.


Please use the appropriate button if you would like to contribute to the Continuing Education Fund (CEF), Teachers’ Benevolence Fund (TBF), or to make a one-time, undesignated donation to the project TEACh General Fund (PTGF).

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