This Year’s Progress

2016-Aerial-(drone-shot)-of-Property-resizedThanks to all of our wonderful friends and supporters, substantial progress has been made since purchasing our 8.5-acre parcel of land back in 2006.

Breath of Heaven Children’s Village celebrated its Grand Opening on January 28, 2010, with the completion of just 2 Children’s Homes and the Mission House (for staff and visitors); 22  precious children finally had a place to call home!

Since then, 7 more Children’s Homes, the Village Caretaker’s residence, an ever-expanding playground, the “Tilapia Farm” (aquaponics project), storage building, protective wall/fencing for most of the property, a modest chicken coop as well as the first phase of Breath of Heaven Academy buildings have all been completed.

We rejoice in all that the Lord has done, while remaining acutely aware that THERE IS STILL MUCH MORE TO DO in terms of building-out The Village, which will ultimately provide shelter for 168 orphaned and vulnerable children and their widowed House Mothers.

The following is a synopsis of where we stand heading into 2018:

Housing: We now have 8 of 14 slated Children’s Homes built, 7 of which are occupied by a dozen appreciative youngsters an their live-in House Mothers.  (In July, House 7 opened and 12 more little ones were welcomed in to the BOH family with open arms!)  During the day, visiting Aunties provide invaluable care and assistance with all of the domestic activities and child-rearing.  These homes provide safety, shelter and a nurturing environment for kids who have no place else to go.  The cost of building one of these dwellings is roughly $35,000 USD.  Furnishing them is an additional $5,000 USD.


Breath of Heaven Academy, Jan-2014-resized

Education:  Breath of Heaven Academy, where our children and other students from the surrounding community are receiving an excellent, 21-st century education, is growing in every respect.  The first official day of the new term in brand new facilities began in January, 2015!  

The BOHA campus has since expanded to include 4 more primary-school classrooms.  The admin building, which is currently comprised of a reception area, Principal’s office and faculty lounge, houses the school’s library and computer lab.  The next phase of school construction–the Auditorium and High School facilities–is well under way in 2016!  For more info, please visit:   Breath of Heaven Academy


Nutrition:  The health and development of the children begins with good nutrition.  At Breath of Heaven, we provide a well-balanced diet including Nshima (a corn-based cereal and traditional Zambian staple), home-grown fruits and vegetables, and fresh Tilapia from our own fish farm!   We also have a modest chicken coop on site which provides a regular supply of poultry for The Village as well as a modest source of income for Breath of Heaven.  (People in the surrounding area purchase their chickens from us–they have a reputation for being nice and plump!)  For details on the Tialpia Farm, please visit: Aquaponics Project



Recreation & Fitness:   The residents of Breath of Heaven Children’s Village have plenty of time to just play and be kids, without worrying about what they will eat that day or how they will simply survive.  (That’s the way it should be for every child–yes?)  The Village “Play Park,” as it is referred to by the locals, is probably the best used playground on the planet!  Originally constructed in 2009, consisting of a slide, two swings, one tire swing, a rope bridge, climbing wall, and a rickety catwalk that connects to congregating “hut” of sorts, it has undergone more than one transformation over the years.

In addition to a 2012-expansion project that resulted in a volleyball court, more swings, a couple of see-saws, rings, and a “hang-out” platform, BOHCV now has its own basketball court…and a Breath of Heaven Girls’ basketball team, which won their division this year!  Of course, The Village also has a frequently inhabited “football” (soccer) field, which is well-used by our Breath of Heaven Boys’ team!


Looking back on the past several years, it is amazing and humbling to witness the unfolding of this God-given vision.  Evident to all who have been a part of this project for even a short while is the TRANSFORMATION which continues to take place in the hearts of our children as well as in the lay of the land.  

As we reflect with thanksgiving on all of the growth and provision of this past year alone, we remain mindful of the great work that lies ahead in order to fully “complete” the Children’s Village.  (Future structures envisioned include  7 more Children’s Homes, a high school, community church, and a modern medical clinic.)  So we forge ahead, by faith, confident that He who is the object of our faith, will continue PROVIDING for every facet of this labor of love known as Breath of Heaven Children’s Ministries–because it is truly His work!  

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