Education: “Soaring to New Heights!”

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The importance of a good education cannot be overstated–it holds the key to lifting children out of the endless cycle of poverty, hopelessness, and despair As they say in Africa:Knowledge is power!

At Breath of Heaven Academy, our residents from the Children’s Village,  along with some students from the surrounding community, are receiving an excellent K-10th-grade, 21-st century education!  

This year-old facility is indeed beautiful…and remains a work in progress.   At present, classes are being held in 10 strategically-decorated, well-furnished classrooms.  The Administrative Building, which consists of a reception area, Principal’s office, and faculty lounge, is home to the school’s library and computer lab.  Eventually, the BOHA campus will expand to include a school Auditorium and a secondary/High School. 

From its inception, Breath of Heaven Academy (BOHA) was founded upon the principles of sound faith, academic excellence, and servant-leadership; it remains dedicated to establishing an educational environment that will foster a love for learning, a passion for excellence, and a commitment to hard work. More about BOHA’s history and heritage




Future goals envisioned for BOHA include:  the addition of a High School, an extensive library, and developing into a model “Demonstration School” for equipping teachers and students with essential leadership techniques, so they can soar to new heights in a modern, 21-st century world.  breath-logo