Child-Sponsorship Can Change a Life!

Cute Emman, Rachel & Norah useWinter 2017: We Need More Sponsors!

The importance of child-sponsorship cannot be overstated.

Helping to cover the ongoing costs associated with meeting a vulnerable child’s most basic, immediate needs (food, shelter and clothing) is intrinsically valuable for obvious reasons. Additionally, this type of practical support is known to produce long-term benefits and can literally alter the trajectory of a child’s future, setting them on a path toward emotional well-being and economic stability in adulthood.

At BOHCM, we recognize that our Sponsors are, in many ways, the backbone of this ministry. Their faithful, sacrificial giving goes a long way toward helping to provide for the physical needs of “their” special little boy or girl. The Sponsor Correspondence Program we offer gives these beloved benefactors a unique opportunity to further impact a young life with words of wisdom, love, and encouragement.

The kids at Breath of Heaven Children’s Village know their individual Sponsors by name and have genuine appreciation and deep affection for each one. Over the years, some truly significant Sponsor/Sponsored-child relationships have been forged and people’s hearts have been enlarged for the better on both sides of the globe. ♥

At present, Breath of Heaven Children’s Village is actively caring for 84 orphaned and vulnerable children, ranging in age from 4 to 17, many of whom could benefit greatly by a sponsor like you!

Right now we are blessed with more than 130 WONDERFUL Sponsors for whom we remain truly grateful. Even with their combined donations, we continue to run a deficit every month. With a seventh Children’s Home having recently opened (PTL!), and an eighth on the horizon, our Village population continues to increase as does the need for even more benefactors to come alongside these brand new arrivals. (When The Village is entirely built-out, we’ll be caring for 168 kids!)

So…We Need New Sponsors Now More Than Ever!

You can help sponsor one of our kids for as little as $50 a month.

Currently, the total monthly cost of clothing, feeding, housing, and providing general medical care for just one child at Breath of Heaven Children’s Village is approximately $200 USD. Any and all sponsorship donations you choose to give, from $50 to the full $200, will go directly to defraying these costs.

As a BOH Sponsor, you can choose to be assigned to one specific child with whom you may correspond or allow your donations to be allocated towards the care of any child who happens to be in need.

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring an orphaned or vulnerable child TODAY!

To join our beloved Sponsor Family, just press the button below:

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Thank you for helping to change a life!!!